When you set up a game or an app is downloaded, you will notice a selection of 32 and 64 bit. The majority of the latest PCs have a processor of 64-bit. What is a 64-bit operating system? The 64-BIT OPERATING SYSTEM makes use of 64-bit data in pieces, implying the processing of data is done quicker, and this increases the system performance.

64 bit operating system
64 bit operating system | Image by xresch from Pixabay

What is the advantage of a 64-bit operating system?

There is a practical benefit with 64-bit OS, and that is it offers greater RAM. The majority of the latest processors are designed on 64-bit architecture. The good news is a system with 64-bit OS is compatible with 32-bit OS as well. However, the converse is not possible.

System requirements of 64-bit os for windows 10

  • SoC processor or a processor of 1 GHz or faster
  • 2GB RAM (or 1GB RAM for 32-bit)
  • 20 GB space of hard disk (16 GB space of hard disk for 32-bit OS)
  • Graphics card with DirectX 9 or later and WDDM 1.0 driver

Features of a 64-bit os

The following features make 64-bit os advantageous:

  • No. of bits- 64
  • Software and architecture- 64-bit register-based architecture and data buses or address bus of 8 octets or 64-bits.
  • Compatibility- 64-bit cpu and applications that need 64-bit cpu and os
  • Systems available- windows 10, windows xp professional, windows 7/8 and windows vista

How is 64-bit processor/os more capable when compared to a 32-bit processor/os

  • It is capable of handling extensive data at one time.
  • It is more capable of storing a larger number of computational values like memory addresses. This implies that it is capable of providing physical memory access to 4 billion times that of a 32-bit.
  • They can utilize more RAM as compared to a 32-bit processor. With a 64-bit processor, Windows 10’s latest version suits best to make the best use of this RAM.
  • The upgraded versions of OS make use of the overall capacities of a 64-bit OS/processor.
  • Video games, applications, protection, and memory need a high performance of OS. This is perfectly met with a 64-bit OS.
  • A 64-bit OS is compatible with even 32-bit run applications. So, having a 64-bit OS/processor is a plus to run both applications.
  • 64-bit OS has more access to RAM as it is capable of 2^64 memory locations.
  • It is more efficient and high performance.
  • It has more allocation of virtual memory of 16 TB with 8TB for processes for users, and for kernel processes, the other 8TB is utilized. Games, photos, video, and editing require more RA, which a 64-bit OS is rightly suitable.
  • It also has a lot more safety features and not limited to DEP, improved drivers for the device, and kernel patch.


A processor informs us about the memory that a processor can access through a register of a CPU. The latest computers use 64-bit OS/processors. They are available in quad-core, dual-core, 6-core, 8-core versions. These versions are meant for home computing. A 64-bit OS/processor allows you to run the latest software programs that need lots of calculations quickly, efficiently, and smoothly. This 64-bit operating system gives a high-performance operation.