What does PE stand for:
PE is Portable Executable, that it the file type that windows base operating system can run, execute.
Basically a PE can be EXE, DLL (Dynamic Link Library) and SYS (Device Driver) files.

DmpExe is a free command line base tool that will dump any PE base file (exe, dll) and show all kind of header information.

It will give you the following information on the given file:

  • File atributes.
  • File properties.
  • Header Information.
  • File MD5 hash.
  • Build in export to html xml support.
  • List of external module name and exported functions.
  • List of file stream (ads).

Know Issue:

  • Problem with BIG files.
  • Not working on windows 2000/XP/2003.
  • Crash when run on itself.


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