PE File aka PEFile is a small tool, with command line interface that design to extract information from a portable executable files for windows operation system.

What is PE File?

PE is Portable Executable so a PE File is a Portable Executable File and that is the file type that windows operating system can execute, run. In term of file extension a PE File can have the EXE, DLL (Dynamic Link Library) and SYS (Device Driver) extension.

What is PEFile tool?

This tool, is a free command line tool that i develop using Visual C++, the tool will dump information from windows pe file, it will show the pe file header information, it will also do a fast pe file analyzer to get additional information from the pe file.

The files that you run on your windows operation system are windows pe file and they contains the pe file format, this small tool can run on the files and output all the pefile information into a nice HTML format, that you can watch using your favorite web browser.

To download the tool, just scroll down.


PEFile Updates March 10, 2013:

  • SHA1 Hash.
  • File Entropy.
  • Overlay Count.
  • NT Offset.
  • File-Overlay.
  • Sections MD5.
  • Sections Entropy.
  • More readable dates parameters.
  • Updated File Resources Information.
  • Tested on coruppted files.
  • And Some Fix Bugs.

PEFile Jul 24, 2012:

It will give you the following information on the given file:

  • File Name.
  • MD5 Hash.
  • File Attributes.
  • Time Stamp.
  • File Version Info.
  • Header Information.
  • Characteristics information.
  • Dll Characteristics.
  • Data directory sections.
  • Image ConfigInformation.
  • Imported DLL List.
  • Imported functions from the DLL.
  • Stream (ADS) Information.
  • Resource Information.

Fix Issue:

  • [FIX] Problem with BIG files( test on 100 MB EXE File).
  • [FIX] Not working on windows XP/2003.

Tested On:

  • Windosw XP SP3
  • Windosw XP SP3 64bit
  • Windows vista
  • Windows 7 64bit
  • Windows 2003
  • Windows 2008 R2 64bit

New Features:

  • Getting Resource Information
  • Zip file contain 2 files, one for 32 bit and one for 64 bit

Please Note:

  • This version does not export to XML.


The pe file command line tool

Download (30745 downloads ) | Output Example

For request, addons, support, comment or any other thing, please contact me.
{Old Version: pefile alpha (17690 downloads ) }

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