Explore 3 Portable executable Analyzing tools or PE info tool that you need to know about when you want to analyze an EXE based file under windows.

In the era of Malware investigation, making the use of the genuine and the perfect tool is what makes the difference. The malevolent binaries are very frequent to happen in the PE formats.

What is PE format

IF you don’t know what a PE format is then let me tell you that it’s the full form is the portable executable format, and the tool that we are talking here are the PE Explorer or Analyzers or the pe info tool. These are used by the advanced programmers to steal a look inside the executable PE files of the windows.

These tools can also be used to view the structure of the PE files and also use the tool to make changes in the PE headers that are invalid. The particular tool is considered to be the best for the amateurs who want to learn the structures of the PE files. Wait for this doesn’t end here; you can furthermore use the tool for analyzing the viruses or the spyware.

In the forthcoming paragraphs, I have mentioned some of the best pe info tool or the pe analyzer tools that are worth paying attention to. So without further delay, the content, let’s delve into the particular tools.

Top PE analyzer tools

It is essential to use an excellent analyzing tool for the windows portable executable files to accurately see if there is any problem in it. Therefore, here are some genuine pe info tools that you can use to perform in-depth analysis in the file. Some of the below-reiterated tools are free to use, and for some, you will require putting your hands in your pocket.

  1. Exeinfo PE

If you are performing an analysis of malware, then the Exeinfo PE tool is quite useful. The best thing about the particular tool is that the program is lightweight. The specific tool will give you detailed information about what you might be looking for. It helps you by providing particular hints as well to trim down the searching time.

Although, it doesn’t detect what the file is about it helps you by recommending you to run an advanced scan to detect the malware.

  1. PEstudio

It is one of the interesting pe info tools that you can use. It is created by the Marc Ochesenmeier who has kept it entirely free for non-commercial use. However, for commercial users, there is a license that they can avail which features a PePArser engine powering the PeStudio.  It is a great program, although the interface is quite dull; it will do an excellent job for you by working hard to identify the file.

  1. CFF Explorer

If you are looking for a useful pe info tool that edits the PE file as well, then you can make the use of this particular file that is the CFF explorer. Daniel Pistelli creates a particular tool. The CFF explorer serves you with some incredible advantages that can fasten up your work.

The best thing is the interface of the program is easy to navigate as compared to the other editor tools. It also features some features that are not there in the other tools. One of its features named the address conversions is especially very helpful in the process of the malware analyzing. It allows the analysts to do the conversion easily.

Other PE Info Tools:

Other pe info tools that you can make the use of are the PE view developed and maintained by the Wayne J., and the other one is the FileAlyzer created by the Group Safer-Networking LTD. These are some of the tools that we have in our list. We recommend first to use them and then find the one that is more suitable for you.

And we have our own PE File tool that you can download and use.