When it comes to getting a view of PE structure then PE header viewer tool is providing lots of assistance. The tool is associated with different types of features. All these features are becoming useful in availing benefits and getting services with ease. The most important feature that you will get here is related to the editing.

With the assistance of editing features, you can get opportunities for making changes. The interested ones are capable of dealing with these types of tools on both types of Windows such as – 32 bit and 64-bit version.

The individuals who are putting efforts in learning the PE structure, they can get help from these types of sources. It helps them in boosting knowledge and making the method of gathering information easier.

Use of PE header viewer

Most individuals do not introduce to the usage of such kind of tool. Mainly these ones are used for decreasing the number of sources for getting internal information. On the basis of all these things, they are able to access information about the files easily and quickly. With all these things, the interested ones are capable of saving such data in a text file.

If you are going to access such a tool in the beginning then you can get some details about the file header. These details are:

  • Number of code sections
  • The stack size of information
  • Application subsystem
  • Image size

Another important thing about the PE header viewer, it helps by telling that what kind of binary is suitable for running on a machine. You can easily get details about sections by which you can get details about the linking time.

Know more

The users can also get an option related to the optional header. All types of files do not have this particular option. If we talk about image files then the header is becoming essential. With the use of the header, the interested ones are capable of getting the detail about the format of loading binary such as –

  • Starting address
  • Stack amount for reserve
  • Data segment’s size

The use of pe header viewer can assist in getting complete details related to all these things.

Crucial facts

If we talk about PE explorer then it has the hosting features. It helps you in analyzing the data and works as the editing tool for PE files. The header viewer is one of the most important features here.

On the basis of such a feature, you are able to deal with different types of things and get complete details about the header. It makes the system of viewing details easier as compared to other factors. With it, you can get details about the values of entry point with ease.

Entry point modification

For the modifications of entry point value, the interested ones can make lots of things easier. Here, the automatic range checking provides several benefits. Another major element is related to the notification settings. It sends a notification if the new file value goes outside the permissible range disabling the button.

Key facts about PE explore

With the feature of a PE header viewer, you can get numerous other options. Generally, these ones can help you in avoiding lots of issues. Sometimes, the files are creating errors in the opening. Here, some useful features of PE explorer are working.

As a result, the system will open such error creating files in the safe mode. The data that is creating errors do not process by the system. In these conditions, there is not any kind of guarantee about excluded data. This particular day may be affected by the error or not.

To view PE Header information you can download our tool.