An open port check tool is a tool that check if port is open or close on a remote host.

An open port check tool can be an online port check tool that run from a website or a software that installed or direct run from a device, like computer or mobile phone,

Open Port Check Tool Site Examples:

  • Can You See Me is an online open port check tool that can be use to check if port is open or closed, it is also good for verify port forwarding and check if you have ports that block by firewall or the ISP.
  • Port Checker is a free online tool for checking open ports on your computer/device, and it also useful in testing port forwarding, they has some more useful tools, like Email Checker, Chrome Extension and Port Scanner.
  • Open Port is also an online open port check tool that can be use to check if port is open or closed, it also has some more online tools, like My IP Address and Online Ping Test, and some free Windows tools like Ping Tool, Whois Tool and DNS Lookup Tool.

An Open Port Scanner:

Port Scanner is a tool, can be an online tool or a software, that instead of checking the state of one port on a remote device, it can run on a list of ports or on all the ports on the target device.

A more advanced port scanner can bring in more information, like the service that open the port, example can be the web server on port 80 or on port 443 in case of secure server at the target host.

What is port forward?

A port forward, in related to open port check tool, is the ability to configure a router, switch or any other device to transfer the request into the network within the device.

Port forwarding also known as port mapping is the process of forwarding a package into an inner, private LAN, a good example may in P2P (Peer To Peer) software, that sending data from your computer and need to get back data from the web, or letting some one access your private LAN to fix your computer like using a remote control tool.