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How to Install Exe on Windows Using Command Prompt

Many people have asked me how to install exe from command prompt software. In this article, I will show you how to do it by simply typing the command in your Windows console. Yes, you heard it right – typing a specific string will install it! Here is what you have to do:

Exe from Command Prompt is a software utility for Windows operating systems that allows users to easily execute or run programs. This kind of program is used mainly by computer users who are familiar with Windows environment and have some knowledge about how to install special software packages such as exe files. However, if you want to learn the same procedure to install the files, please read on further for further explanation.

By using exe from command prompt, you can save time because you don’t have to go through the installation process of the program. When you decide to download and install an exe file, it takes a while before the file is completely installed in your computer. Once the download is done and the exe file is successfully installed, you may be required to scan the program to check whether there are virus detected errors in it. If virus detected errors are found, then you have to clean up the downloaded exe files to prevent further damage to your system.

Sometimes, installing an exe file may cause some problems. If the program causes your computer to freeze or crashes unexpectedly, then you must uninstall it immediately. Please disconnect your computer from the internet and disconnect all other programs as well, to prevent further damage to your system. In order to uninstall an exe program, you can use system restore function. You can also use a registry cleaner tool to fix the problems caused by the files.

There are several ways to install the files. However, if you are not comfortable with using software, you can use the manual method to install them. Please follow the instructions properly. Before running the installer, please make sure that you know exactly what type of files you want to install. Otherwise, you may install wrong files, which will make your computer unstable.

When you are going to install the files, please be patient. Mostly, this method is used by people who do not know much about the files. However, the exe installer will take some time to complete. The final result will be great when you can see the files starting to run smoothly.

Please note that some registry cleaning programs may also help to repair and fix your damaged exe files. However, you need to double check the validity of the program before using it. Sometimes, these programs may delete some important data from your system that can affect your computer’s performance. So, before running the program, please make sure to check whether the file that you are trying to remove is really essential or not. If it is vital, please delete it.

You may follow the above mentioned steps in order to install one on your computer. However, before you start the installation, please make sure that you have read the instructions carefully. If you are not sure about anything, please seek any help from your support team. They will help you with everything.

Usually, the program comes with default settings that are very convenient for most people. However, if you would like to change some values, you may try to do it yourself. Please note that there are times that the exe settings may vary from one computer to another. So, if you cannot successfully install one on your computer, please try to use the default settings. If you succeed, you may further customize the program according to your requirements.

After successfully installing exe on your computer, please make sure to run a system scan to detect any errors. If you have scanned your system, please disinfect the exe files with the help of a registry cleaner. If you have not installed the program, you may try to do so by using an automatic driver scanner. However, if your computer is already infected with malicious programs, please uninstall the program to prevent further damage.

In addition to that, if you have encountered several errors while trying to install exe on windows, please remove all unnecessary programs from your computer. It is also recommended to perform a system scan if your computer has been infected by malicious programs. By doing so, you will be able to prevent future problems. These are just simple tips that may help you successfully install exe on windows.

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How to Fix Errors With Exe Tomsi

Exe to Microsoft SSE is a software for the Microsoft Windows operating system. It will launch a series of commands in an interactive console (PC). These commands will be interpreted by the computer’s CPU. The data that is in the registry is not stored on the PC but on the hard drive. Therefore, when you want to remove an existing program, you should delete all the files associated with it from the PC’s registry.

However, when a user wants to uninstall an existing program, he/she first has to find out how to uninstall it. There are various ways to do so. You can use the Control Panel window, or open the Task Manager window. When the Task Manager window is open, you will see a list of all the running processes on your computer. Right-click on one of these processes and you will be given a choice of what to do with it.

When a user chooses to remove an item, he/she will be given a choice of which files to remove from the PC’s registry. Usually, a user is given 2 choices – these are the Shared Known Files and the Uninstall Registry Items. You can browse through the list of files one by one, until you find the one that you want to remove. When choosing the files to uninstall, you should make sure that these files will no longer be used by the other programs.

It is important to uninstall a program properly. For some programs, deleting the shared files is sufficient. But for other programs, it is important to delete the registry keys as well. Using the Remove Programs feature of the control panel will display a list of all the programs and their settings that are currently installed in your computer. Select the programs that you want to uninstall, and click on the Uninstall button.

Some software will allow you to undo the installation. You should also double-check to make sure that the registry files were removed properly. You can look for clues in the Program log or the Windows Task Manager. If the uninstall operation failed, you may need to repair the registry.

A damaged registry can cause your computer to run slowly. This is especially true if you recently installed some software. The registry contains important data and is accessed constantly by your operating system. If you accidentally delete one of these registry files, you should consider repairing it because it may be necessary for your computer’s health.

There is a free registry cleaner software available on the Internet. You should download this software and scan your computer with it. The scan should reveal any damaged files in your registry. You should then choose the files that you want to remove and delete them.

After using a registry cleaner, you will notice an improvement in the speed and performance of your computer. This software will also repair any registry errors. These files will also be uninstalled from your system. This method is highly effective and will surely solve all your registry problems.

It is very easy to use registry cleaner software. All you need to do is download it from the Internet. It will automatically scan your computer for errors. If the scan detects an error, you will be given the option to repair it or not. Most of the time, the software will correct the error and will reinstall it for you. It will also offer to update the registry for free.

Registry cleaners remove the obsolete and corrupt files from your computer. It also finds and removes the files that are not needed anymore. This will increase the performance of your PC. Another advantage of using a registry cleaner is its ability to create a backup. This will allow you to restore your previous settings if you discover that something went wrong during the cleaning process. You can always restore the old settings to the original state with this option.

Another good thing about using a registry cleaner is that they will give you the opportunity to delete all the files found. However, the problem with that is you might delete some important files such as important temporary files. In this case, it is necessary to back them up. The good news is that most of the registry cleaners out there come with the ability to restore them. So, it will not cause any harm if you want to restore them.

There are so many advantages when using a registry cleaner. Aside from having a faster and error-free computer, cleaning your registry will increase the overall performance. It is also great if you want to preserve your files. Your computer will not slow down even though you have plenty of files found because of a corrupted registry. So, if you want to get a registry cleaner, check out the Internet for more information about it.

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An Easy Method to Manage Your Computer System Using the Control Panel

Windows 10 has brought a new revolution in the IT sector -the control panel. It has been designed to make IT life easier. If you are familiar with the Microsoft Window Registry, you will find that it can be very complex. If you compare it with the Linux or Mac OS, you will find that Windows has a lot more information than Mac or Linux. And to make things worse, the information is organized in such a way, that it becomes almost impossible for any user to navigate to any part of the system without knowing where he/she should go.

Therefore, this means that a user cannot do much without a help desk ticket. In other words, the control panel is a tool for users. The more sophisticated the control panel, the more efficient he/she can work with the system. However, if you are not familiar with what is a control panel and how it can help you, let me explain it to you. The control panel is nothing but a window, which contain many windows.

There is a central “html” window, which contains all the windows of the system. Then there are also sub-windows, which contain different windows of the control panel. You will notice that when you open a new window, the code will be processed in the central hall window and will cause the windows in the sub-window to update as well. Thus you have many windows, which update simultaneously.

The central hall window is updated every time the user starts up the system or closes it. Thus the system requires constant attention, and this is done by the control panel. When any user tries to open a window, he/she has to first click on the “open with” icon, which will then open that particular program in the control panel. This makes browsing the web very easy.

Now let us see how the system works if we use the control panel. We can use the search box to search for the desired command. But there is a catch here. If the keyword we want to search for is not available in the control panel, we will get no result. So the best thing to do in such a case is to search in the Control Panel by using the keyword.

We can also install many third party programs on the system. This will help the system perform better, faster and reduce some of the bugs. The third party applications can be downloaded from the Internet. But you must make sure that they are safe to use.

There are many security features available in the control panel as well. One can set the time and date and lock out the children from entering the password. This kind of feature is useful when you are at work and want complete privacy for your children while you are away from them.

Many users are wondering how does the system work if we do not have any hardware? Windows will automatically detect all the devices connected to the computer. It will display all the details of these devices and how many are available for use. Once you are done with the installation process, you can start using your new control panel windows 10 in a smooth and trouble-free way.

One may wonder about the performance of the operating system. It depends on the hardware and software installed on your system. However, if you are having an old version of Windows it will definitely run slowly. In order to speed up the performance of the system, you can optimize the settings.

There are many third party tools that you can use to optimize the system. These tools will scan through all the files and folders and will remove all the files that are not needed. Some of the files that may be removed are also vital. The new optimized settings will make your computer run smoothly for many years to come.

There are many advantages of the control panel. Nowadays, it has replaced the traditional windows file system and it is now the choice of millions of people who prefer to maintain a system that has fewer chances of errors. To use the control panel, just follow the simple steps mentioned above.

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Windows 10 Calculator

Looking for a Windows 10 Calculator in the Store? There are a few places to find calculators, but where can you use them? If you already have a PC or Mac, then you may find it is too late to get a new one. Since the Store has not updated yet, what you can do is use the Internet to find a calculator that will work on your new system.

Windows Calculator is one of those tools that is not part of the OS or installed by default. That means if you don’t know how to use one, then you really need to find a place where you can get help and look up some instructions. It is not like a cell phone or gaming device, because even if you can get online to find help, then it could take hours before you can complete the task at hand.

Before you download anything, make sure that you have the most up to date version of the calculator you want. Older versions may not be compatible with the latest systems. This will be more of a problem if you plan to use the calculator for something other than personal computing. You also don’t want to get an older version just because you think you can fix it.

When you start looking for a Windows Calculator, make sure that it is part of the Windows Experience. This is a program feature that is included with the Windows operating system as part of the upgrade from XP to Vista. Older programs do not have this so you will need to get a calculator that works with the latest Windows.

Some people find it easier to use the calculator built into their desktops. These programs work very well for them but for others, a Windows calculator is easier to work with. If you only plan on using your calculator when you need it, then you can save yourself some trouble by getting a desktop calculator instead of a calculator that you can plug in and out of your machine.

However, if you are going to use your calculator a lot, or if it is going to be your main source of help, you should consider getting a Bluetooth capable calculator. A Bluetooth capable calculator is one that can use wireless networks to connect to your computer. You don’t have to worry about any compatibility issues because they are designed to work with all kinds of programs. These programs usually connect through the Bluetooth 4 standard.

Be careful though, if you choose a Bluetooth capable calculator. Check to see if it supports the latest version of the mobile operating system. Older versions may not work at all with newer versions of Windows. You will also need to make sure that the Bluetooth peripheral device that you buy can communicate with your Windows 10 system. Older devices won’t have the same adapter that will allow your calculator to communicate with your computer.

Once you have purchased the appropriate Bluetooth device, it is time to set it up. You will need to go into the Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Settings. Double-click the Trust connection option and follow the onscreen instructions. That’s all there is to it!

It is important to remember that you must be online for Bing or other search engine results to work. If you are connecting your Bluetooth calculator to the Internet, you will not be able to use it until you have logged in to the Internet. You should also make sure that the Bluetooth adapter is turned on.

Now that your Bluetooth calculator is turned on and functioning, you can begin using it. You can do basic math functions and look up the year, time, and amount of cents. You can also make sure that your favorite restaurants are available. If you would like to find the nearest gas station, you just point to the location and the search will provide you with several options. This feature alone could save you time and money.

Your next step is to try to find the right program to use with this device. There are a few different ones available, so make sure you choose one that works best for you. Most of them will allow you to input the date and time you entered and it will then make the calculation automatically. The best programs will give you a wide range of options so you can make your calculations as often as you need to. It is definitely a great tool to have up your sleeve.

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Using VMWare Windows XP Home

If you are using VMWare ESX Server, you should consider virtualizing it to be able to use the newer features in VMWare Windows 10. There are several benefits of virtualization such as improved scalability, reduced costs, and better performance. Virtualization is used for both server and client. This means that one can easily adapt it according to the needs of their business.

When it comes to virtualization, there are two types of virtualization. It includes direct and isolation. Direct virtualization allows an individual to install their operating system directly onto the hardware. They can also create a virtual machine with the help of an appliance.

However, an individual cannot do all they need to do to be able to fully utilize the operating system. The need for isolation is essential since it allows each operating system to run specific applications and settings. The benefit here is that they do not have to deal with shared settings or applications which might cause performance issues. This will also save them money, as they do not have to buy a license for each machine that is participating in the virtual platform.

The utilization of VMWare in your business will enable you to use VMWare on any version of Windows platform. You can use this software on any version without having to update the operating system. The same can be said about Citrix.

Citrix also uses VMWare. In fact, Citrix uses the same technology that makes VMWare ESX Server popular among developers. This allows developers to get more work done in less time. Developers can also use the applications and features found in Microsoft products in their development efforts. If you choose to use this technology in your company, you are assured that you will get the best out of your investments.

Another advantage of VMWare that most businesses are making use of is the virtualization of servers. With this feature, you can effectively run different operating systems in one single server. Without any virtualization, you would find that you are constantly upgrading your operating system and it would affect the performance of your servers. With VMWare, you can easily turn one server into multiple servers. Since you can also use the virtualization software feature in the product, you can easily turn one single PC into several PCs.

For IT professionals working in an organization, VMWare is a great way to keep track of servers that are running. You can also use the application to run other processes such as email. The ability to easily access critical applications and data will definitely allow you to save time and money. Since VMWare is a leading provider when it comes to storage, servers, and network, you are sure to get the best results. Your system will run faster, no errors will occur, and no more need for hardware upgrades.

If you have been looking for a way to improve the performance of your system, consider buying VMWare Windows 10. Not only will you be able to upgrade once needed, but you will also be able to do it at any time. This is something that cannot be done with other solutions. No matter what kind of operating system you currently use, there will be plenty of improvements you can make. This is why VMWare is the only name you should ever use when purchasing any operating system.

One of the most popular items consumers are worried about is viruses. With all of the software available, it is easy to get infected from one company or another. It is also easy to become a victim of computer hackers who want to obtain personal information. To ensure you stay safe, it is vital to use a top-performing product like VMWare. Since this is one of the largest providers when it comes to servers, it will provide the highest level of protection possible.

Since this version of Microsoft is so familiar, many people prefer to use this one rather than the others. Many businesses find that their customers prefer VMWare Windows 10. Since the application is free, it has a big advantage over other products. When compared to some of the more expensive ones on the market, it does not appear to be very much of a risk.

Once you install it on your system and use the antivirus programs you have installed, you will quickly discover all of the features it offers. You can create virtual machines, use Citrix Active Server Pages, and create email addresses for your staff. You will be able to manage multiple computers with the software and perform tasks remotely. There are so many ways in which this program can help you run a more efficient business and provide the security and stability that you need.

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BitLocker for windows

BitLocker is Microsoft’s encryption tool, available on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. The feature allows you to encrypt your computer’s hard drive, protecting documents and files from unauthorized access.

Windows encryption tool
BitLocker for windows

When activated, the system encrypts the information and prevents hackers from using it without entering the user-defined key. Starting with Windows 7, Microsoft has included BitLocker To Go functionality, which is able to protect external data drives, such as USB sticks and portable hard drives.

What is encryption and how does it work?

Encryption is a set of techniques to prevent unauthorized access to certain data. Information is transformed into a tangle of characters impossible to be understood, which can only be ‘read’ with the decryption key. In addition, it guarantees file integrity by detecting data changes.

Disk drive encryption with BitLocker prevents unauthorized users from tampering with Windows data protection on computers that are lost, stolen or improperly disabled. All user and system files are encrypted, including swap and hibernation files.

What versions of Windows support BitLocker?

BitLocker is not available on all versions of Windows and for all computers.

In Windows Vista, for example, it is necessary to have the Ultimate, Business or Enterprise version and it is necessary to have a TPM chip installed in the PC.

On Windows 7, the feature is present in the Ultimate and Enterprise versions, and a TPM chip is not required to obtain HD encryption. In this case, however, the protection functions are limited.

For Windows 8 and 10, it is necessary to have a Professional or Enterprise version.

BitLocker for windows – What is TPM?

The TPM, Trusted Platform Module, is a special chip that runs the authentication on your hardware, software, and firmware. If the TPM detects an unauthorized change, the PC will restart in a restricted mode to block potential attacks. BitLocker itself informs you if your machine has this chip.

How do I activate BitLocker on my computer?

The paths to activate BitLocker are similar in all versions of Windows. You can find the function in three different ways:

METHOD 1 – Access the Windows “Control Panel” and select the “System and Security” option. Then search for “BitLocker drive encryption. A new window will open and the computer’s storage units will be listed there, along with the option to activate BitLocker.

METHOD 2 – Go to “My Computer”, right-click on the disk you want to encrypt and then select “BitLocker”.

METHOD 3 – Open the start menu and then search for “BitLocker”. If your system and computer are compatible, the corresponding result will appear.

I hope that this article will help learn more about the BitLocker function and the various better ways that you can use it to better protect your computer and your hard drives and USB’s.

Remember to carefully use this function , and keep in mind that you are fully aware of the many ways that it can be used. In case of any doubts look for the help of a professional or someone that is educated on the subject.

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Simple File Sharing In Windows 10 In Simple Steps

Windows 10 has several ways of sharing files and folders over a local network. Simple File Sharing is the most convenient and easiest option to create shared folders and it only takes a couple of minutes to get it configured.

Simple File Sharing
Simple File Sharing

While it may not be the most secure means of sharing folders over a network, it is a viable solution if you trust the devices connected to your home network. It is worth noting that as of Windows 10 build 1803, the way Windows handles file sharing over a local network has changed, making it a bit more secure.

Simple File Sharing On Windows 10:

To share files and folders in Windows 10 you need to do the following:

  1. Go to Windows File Explorer. Open it from the Start button or press and hold the Windows key then press and release the “E” key.
  2. Go to the folder you want to share. Right-click on it. In the menu that popped up, click on “Properties”. It should be the last option.
  3. A new small window will appear. It will have 5 tabs at the top. Click on “Sharing”. It should be the second one.
  4. In the “Sharing” tab, click on the “Share…” button.
  5. A new window will appear. From the drop-down menu, select the users or groups you want to share the folder with. For a home network, where user management across multiple devices is not possible, select the “Everyone” group.
  6. Below the drop-down menu, you should be able to see the newly added “Everyone” group. Next to the group, you will see the permission column. Select the kind of permissions you want to give everyone accessing the folder.
  7. Once done, click the “Share” button at the bottom right of the window, then click close.

This simple file sharing in Windows 10 is not the most secure way to share folders. There is an option to use “Advanced Sharing” options but they do not add much in terms of security or sharing features.

A good practice is to use permissions wisely when sharing files and folders. Since it is possible to have unauthorized or guest devices connected to the network, they will have access to the shared folder. To ensure that they do not delete or change files, the “Everyone” group should have only “Read” permissions.

Enable password protected sharing:

Another security option for simple file sharing is to enable password protected sharing. This can be done as follows:

  1. Go to Control Panel. Search for “Network and Internet”.
  2. Go to the “Network and Sharing Center”. You should see a link named “Change advanced sharing settings” on the left side of the window. Click on the link.
  3. Click on “All Networks” in the newly opened window and expand it. You should see one section called “Password protected sharing”. Turn it on. You will be prompted to set a password.

Password protecting your shared folders will be applied to all users. This feature only protects you from unauthorized access. It does not protect the files from accidental file deletes. Accidental deletes of files can be prevented either by setting up scheduled backups of the shared files or by allowing everyone to just read the files.

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The Need of a 64-bit Operating System

When you set up a game or an app is downloaded, you will notice a selection of 32 and 64 bit. The majority of the latest PCs have a processor of 64-bit. What is a 64-bit operating system? The 64-BIT OPERATING SYSTEM makes use of 64-bit data in pieces, implying the processing of data is done quicker, and this increases the system performance.

64 bit operating system
64 bit operating system | Image by xresch from Pixabay

What is the advantage of a 64-bit operating system?

There is a practical benefit with 64-bit OS, and that is it offers greater RAM. The majority of the latest processors are designed on 64-bit architecture. The good news is a system with 64-bit OS is compatible with 32-bit OS as well. However, the converse is not possible.

System requirements of 64-bit os for windows 10

  • SoC processor or a processor of 1 GHz or faster
  • 2GB RAM (or 1GB RAM for 32-bit)
  • 20 GB space of hard disk (16 GB space of hard disk for 32-bit OS)
  • Graphics card with DirectX 9 or later and WDDM 1.0 driver

Features of a 64-bit os

The following features make 64-bit os advantageous:

  • No. of bits- 64
  • Software and architecture- 64-bit register-based architecture and data buses or address bus of 8 octets or 64-bits.
  • Compatibility- 64-bit cpu and applications that need 64-bit cpu and os
  • Systems available- windows 10, windows xp professional, windows 7/8 and windows vista

How is 64-bit processor/os more capable when compared to a 32-bit processor/os

  • It is capable of handling extensive data at one time.
  • It is more capable of storing a larger number of computational values like memory addresses. This implies that it is capable of providing physical memory access to 4 billion times that of a 32-bit.
  • They can utilize more RAM as compared to a 32-bit processor. With a 64-bit processor, Windows 10’s latest version suits best to make the best use of this RAM.
  • The upgraded versions of OS make use of the overall capacities of a 64-bit OS/processor.
  • Video games, applications, protection, and memory need a high performance of OS. This is perfectly met with a 64-bit OS.
  • A 64-bit OS is compatible with even 32-bit run applications. So, having a 64-bit OS/processor is a plus to run both applications.
  • 64-bit OS has more access to RAM as it is capable of 2^64 memory locations.
  • It is more efficient and high performance.
  • It has more allocation of virtual memory of 16 TB with 8TB for processes for users, and for kernel processes, the other 8TB is utilized. Games, photos, video, and editing require more RA, which a 64-bit OS is rightly suitable.
  • It also has a lot more safety features and not limited to DEP, improved drivers for the device, and kernel patch.


A processor informs us about the memory that a processor can access through a register of a CPU. The latest computers use 64-bit OS/processors. They are available in quad-core, dual-core, 6-core, 8-core versions. These versions are meant for home computing. A 64-bit OS/processor allows you to run the latest software programs that need lots of calculations quickly, efficiently, and smoothly. This 64-bit operating system gives a high-performance operation.

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File Analyzer Tool

Have you ever heard of the Windows file analyzer tool? Many people haven’t, which is a shame because it has so much to offer. The program is free to download. And once you install it, you can use it to decode and analyze your operating system’s files.

File Analyzer Tool
File Analyzer Tool | Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The program doesn’t permit you to save the reports it generates. But you can print them out. For some people, this is advantageous because they prefer to handle physical reports. For other people, this feature is restrictive because it doesn’t provide additional options.

Regardless of your opinion on this particular issue, it is difficult to deny the effectiveness of the windows file analyzer.

Why You Need the Windows File Analyzer Tool?

As was noted above, Windows Filer Analyzer decodes and analyzes files. But why is this important? Better yet, why does it matter to you? Analytical tools of this sort are perfect for people that need to look for malware on their system.

The program will also appeal to individuals that want to monitor the actions that were performed on a particular computer. You can achieve similar results by investing in active monitoring programs. However, it is difficult to use applications like ‘Event Monitor’ without revealing your intentions to your target, especially if you want your analysis to go unseen.

This is where the windows file analyzer tool comes into play. It will paint a detailed picture of a person’s computer usage. While a logging application is limited because it can only tell you what happened on a computer from the day it was installed, the windows file analyzer has far greater reach. It can tell you what happened on a computer in the last few days.

What Does the Windows File Analyzer Do?

If you still have questions regarding the effectiveness of this analyzer, this is what you need to know about its capabilities:

  1. It will read thumbnail database files; though, you must first identify the location of the thumbnail database to proceed.
  2. It will read the files in the prefetch folder but only if prefetch is enabled. For some people, prefetch is disabled. You have to remedy this issue beforehand.
  3. The tool can analyze shortcuts. Though, you have to manually review all the information it provides (which is a lot) because the tool doesn’t offer any mechanisms that you can use to perform automated searches.
  4. All your internet explorer and Microsoft Edge data is stored in the index.DAT file. The analyzer can scan this file to retrieve and display the relevant data.

The analyzer can even explore the recycle bin to locate the information you have deleted. This allows you to either restore these files or to remove them completely from the system.

The file analyzer tool can show you the last time a file was accessed, the number of times it has been opened, and its contents. It will give you all the information you need to understand the habits of the computer’s user. The program won’t benefit everyone. It is primarily useful to people that want to deploy it for forensic purposes.

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How to extract a zip file on windows?

How to extract a zip file on windows will guide you in the process of extracting compressed files. You can extract one or more files from zip files.

How to extract a zip file on windows
How to extract a zip file on windows

How to extract a zip file on windows? This is a question that plagues many novices that are just starting to understand computers. Fortunately, Windows 10 is a straightforward operating system that was designed to simplify processes such as the extraction of zip files.

What is a Zip File?

A zip file is a format that allows you to compress files. People compress files to reduce the storage space they consume on their hard drives. It is also easier to send zip files over the internet. You can store anything in a zip file, including documents and pictures. You can either compress one file or multiple files in a single folder, further simplifying storage and transmission.

Creating a Zip File

Learning how to create a zip file will shed some light on the extraction process. The steps are fairly straightforward:

  1. Find the file you want to compress.
  2. Right-click the file to open a menu.
  3. Look for the ‘Send to’ option. Placing the mouse pointer over this option will open another menu. Look for ‘Compressed or Zipped Folder’. Click this option.
  4. Windows 10 will create a Zip File in the same location as the file you just compressed.
  5. You can rename this file. You can also repeat this process with multiple files.

How to Extract a Zip File on Windows?

You don’t have to extract your compressed files to use them. In many ways, a zip file acts just like an ordinary folder. You can double-click it to open it if you want to view its contents. However, in some cases, there are limitations to what you can do with compressed files.

Extracting the compressed files gives you more freedom with regards to adding new content, editing old content, and saving your altered files. Extracting a zip file involves the following:

Extracting All Files

If you have multiple files in a zip folder, it is normally easier to extract them at all once rather than one at a time:

  1. Start by right-clicking the zip file
  2. This will open a menu. Look for the ‘Extract All’ option and click it.
  3. Windows 10 will open a dialogue box. It will ask you to identify a location where it will deposit the extracted files.
  4. Click ‘Browse’ to find and select a suitable location for the extracted files.
  5. Click ‘Extract’. This will extract the files to your chosen destination.

Extracting Single Files

If you want to extra a single file, this is what you should do:

  1. Double-click the zip file to open it.
  2. Find the item you want to extract.
  3. Right-click the item to open a menu. Click ‘Cut’ or ‘Copy’. Move the mouse pointer to the location that will hold the extracted item.
  4. Right-click and click ‘Paste’. This will extract the individual item to the new location.

If that sounds unnecessarily complicated, you can try a simpler approach. Click your chosen item, drag it out of the zip file, and drop it in another location such as the desktop or a new folder.

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